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Does Your Business Need a Server?

posted by Greg Fyn

Jan 13

Choosing whether your business needs a server is the first consideration you need to make. Generally, if you have five or more computers needing access to shared resources, a server should be considered.

Servers in business are often misunderstood so to give you the 101, let's talk about what a server is. To keep it simple they are devices that work almost like a library. To draw a comparison: library patrons can share the resources in one library such as its books, recordings, movies, etc. This is much the same for computer users that use shared resources on a server such as files, printers and software programs.

Going back to our comparison between a library and a server; libraries have one more thing in common and that's the check out desk. Any item that's checked out of the library has to go through the check out desk. Various things are examined before an item can be checked out. The librarian will see whether a person has a valid library card and is permitted to take out books or other shared resources. The librarian will also make sure that the requested item is one that can be checked out. Most libraries have only one check out desk that serves many patrons. It would be inefficient to have a check-out system for every item in the library wouldn't it?

Servers are very similar. Instead of having to manage computers and resources individually, a server acts like a library's check out desk. It provides a way to centrally organize and administer every computer on the network to efficiently share resources securely such as printers, programs and files.

Choosing the right server system for your organization is critical for your success. Just as you wouldn't put a person who isn't a professional librarian in charge of your public library, professional IT help is often needed in selecting the right tools to run your business. The extra dollars you spend up front will give your business efficiencies, make your employees more productive and increase your company's profit.

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