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Residential Computer Repair

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Home Computer Repair

Benefit from having your computer repaired using processes that have been perfected over two decades. 

We always start by testing your computer with a high-end hardware diagnostic tool. This ensures that all the components in your computer are up to par. If something is physically wrong with your PC or laptop we'll call you with your options.

General repair includes:

  • Clean-up misconfigured setting or viruses
  • Apply all appropriate patches and updates available from the manufacturers
  • Anti-virus software will be checked to be sure your computer is protected

We aim to repair every machine that comes onto our bench, sometimes it's just not going to be possible; or the cost of the repair might not be sensible. Our technicians are going to be honest with you each step of the way so you never feel taken advantage of.


  • Most repairs take 1-2 business days to complete
  • Repairs range between $39.99 to $129.99 plus parts as needed
  • Bring in your computer during business hours with no need for an appointment