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A trusted advisor, must be trustworthy!

When we're choosing what to offer clients, price is a consideration; but our customers also want products and services that are reliable and serviceable. We learned a long time ago, that you get what you pay for. On the other hand, more expensive products aren't always a better solution. 

Trust our team to assist you with all your technology needs.

Greg Fyn

Co-Founder and President

Greg's interest in computing began in 1977, when a math teacher purchased a PET 2001 computer for students to experiment with. Technology has always been a fascination for him and in 1983 he attended St. Lawrence College to learn computer programming. » learn more

Tara Piper

Administrative Assistant

Tara is a 2001 graduate of McCook Community College and joined us in that same year. Tara manages all the logistics including purchasing, customer service and repair dispatch. » learn more

Zack Wright

Computer Tech

Zack works part-time doing computer repair work, removing viruses, spyware and assisting customers. » learn more


Fun Coordinator

This fun loving chocolate lab joined us in 2013 and is always ready to play! » learn more

The SECRET Sauce...

What makes us different? At Prairie Wind PC's, we believe that honesty is always the best policy. We try our level best to help set the right expectations for our customers, then consistently meet or exceed them. We provide access to a broad skill-set by carefully choosing strategic partners, giving you the best service at the best price.